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…you’re probably looking for my writing. Here’s where you can find it!

I’ve been published in several anthologies; you can find the listing here.

My Dreamwidth Blog holds most of my day-to-day writing – drabbles, short pieces, bits of ongoing stories.  Prompts such as 3 Word Wednesday Blogging A-Z  go there.

Edally Academy is my  second current webserial, a steampunk boarding school.  All Tairiekie wants is to be better at school than her parents were.  Will the Academy cooperate?

Inner Circle, a webserial set in a far-post-apoc magical world: Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime – or cost you your life.

Addergoole and Addergoole: Year 9 are the serials I’m best known for; both are complete, but a rewritten e-book for Addergoole Book One should be coming out soon.

The (Fictional) Apocalypse was live-blogged on DreamwidthTumblr, and Twitter.

Fanfic? I do that too! Check out my AO3 page.

For more fiction, you can support my Patreon: new fiction every month, for as low as $1/month.

If you want to commission something in particular, my commission rates and rules are here. Be sure to follow my Dreamwidth blog for specials and sales on those rates!

And you can talk to me on Twitter and Tumblr.


In addition to the writing I have posted online, you can find my stories in the following publications:

Unconventional Love –  romantic tales of fandom, geekery, and dairy. My short story “Waterwoman Can’t” explores what, exactly, the actress who once played the amazing superhero Waterwoman can and can’t do – and what she’ll do with her new boy hostage.

Do You Feel What I Feel –  a heartwarming collection of holiday-themed short stories.  My story “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” explores the things we do and don’t tell our families, and all the stresses of having secrets during the holidays.

Bloodlines – 16 Journeys on the Dark Streets of Urban Fantasy.  My rust belt noir story “Heartblood of the City” shows a monster in the heart of the city, and the humans fighting her, one way or another.

What Follows – How would an Immortal deal with the End Times?  The titular “Monster Godmother” of my story is reviled by the people she has protected in the past. How does she deal?

No Place For Us – They say love is for better or for worse, but what about when the worst has already occurred? Even in an apocalypse, you can find yourself hungry for “Company.”

Shifting Hearts – It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what if the soul that looks back isn’t as human as you first thought?  Sometimes having an animal soul and a human body makes the lines hard to see.  Sometimes we’re just “Crossing the Line.”

EMG-Zine, April 2012 – Plants – The planet was uninhabited.  But that just meant that their “Xenonegoation” was stranger than normal.

Thinking about an Addergoole Kickstarter (Finally)

Okay, I’m ready to start planning the Addergoole Book One Kickstarter. The book is drafted, so step one done (it’s been drafted for well over a year…)

Things I know I need:
* Cover art/layout
* Editing

Things I might like:
* Layout done professionally, both e- and paper book
* internal art/poster art

Things I maybe Need:

From those basic lists, what am I missing?

In addition, if you were going to support this sort of Kickstarter, what sort of reward tiers/stretch goals would you like?

(Note: this sort, because I know Addergoole is not everyone’s cuppa tea.)

A Week-Ish in Alder

Jan 17th Summary

I took a couple days off for sickness; feeling better now.

This month’s theme is Addergoole!
I’m working on Hob’s prompt; if you happen to be a $5 donor, go prompt!

I’ve been making sentences in Whispers Drop, my conlang for Languary

In Edally Academy, Enrie’s troubles just keep going.

Renewal Time!
I’m renewing all my domain names AND paying for the paid DW Account, so I started a continuing story, Sting Marydel and the Cliffs of Anterior to raise funds. We’re up to $20 so far!

Building the Apiary – Cya builds things
On the Hunt, or not, One of Cya’s descendants, in Addergoole.

Prompt Calls
My December Prompt Call is going to stay open until it stops being fun😉
The theme is “Prompt something fun for me or fun for you.” Go ahead and prompt something
Stories since the seventeenth are:
Changes and Adjustments, Rozen & Kai post-Apoc Addergoole/Fae-Apoc
Tangled and Tied, a continuation paid for by Rix
Lessons Learned in School, Dragons Next Door

I also still have this Addergoole in the Apocalypse “give me ideas” call open.
I need more prompts!

Coming to School

I reviewed 2015

I also:
Wrote 450 words on an fdom cyberpunk paranormal romance novella
Wrote 820 words on a secret project
Wrote 50 words of submissions, was paid for a story, and signed a contract for another

I wrote a grand total of 6600 words from Jan 17th-26th!

First week of January in Alder

The theme poll is closed, and January’s theme will be Addergoole!
I have been working on this month’s serial post. Werewolves!

Edally continues apace! Enrie keeps digging into things that she really shouldn’t…
If you haven’t checked it out, start here: Edally Acdemy is a series of stories, following three new students as they work through their life and their plans for the future in a steampunk boaring school. It belongs to the same world as last month’s Lexember conlang, Reiassan, and to my novel-in-progress, Rin & Girey.

I’ve started on Languary, an idea started by [personal profile] becka_sutton ([tumblr.com profile] languary), creating a language for a new setting.

I wrote a series of stories of Boom in Cloverleaf, playing off of some roleplay [personal profile] inventrix & I are doing, itself playing off an old story I wrote of Cya and Boom.

There’s also this AU that came off of that series of stories.

Discovery is set in Edally-Era Calenyen, telling the story of a ship from Homeland reaching Reiassan

Prompt Calls
My December Prompt Call is going to stay open until it stops being fun😉
The theme is “Prompt something fun for me or fun for you.”
Stories include
Planning for Spring, space/colonies
Dinner, modern/threesome
Bound Up, Fae Apoc/Modern
Warm and Cozy, modern/creepy

I also still have this Addergoole in the Apocalypse “give me ideas” call open.
And Your Little Friends Too comes out of this call

I reviewed 2015

Offline/not posted
I also:
Wrote 1000 words on an fdom cyberpunk paranormal romance novella
Wrote 1300 words on a secret project
Wrote 1300 words of submissions and 300 words of commissions (Commission out for character approval)

For a grand total of 11,681 words from Jan 1-7th!

Open for Commissions

Guys, I have 1200 words of commissions on my to-write plan for this month, and no commissions to write!

(and we all know I like to stick to the plan, don’t we…)

Every have something you really wanted to see me write?

Or something left you saying “More, Please!”

Now’s the time!

My commission rate is 2¢/word, with a minimum commission of $4/200 words.

There’s normally a discount over $20 to $5/300 words or 5/3¢ ($0.01667) a word, which means that a $20 commission will get you the 1200 words mentioned in my target goal.

If you commission all 1200 words in my to-write, I’ll cut you a small discount and give you 1200 words for $18. That’s $0.015/word!

Got an idea? Leave a comment here or e-mail me at thornealder/gmail.
Got some money? Here’s the Paypal link:-)

200-word Commission Slots Open:

Distributing Self-Pub books via Little Free Libraries and the like?

I was thinking the other day (while passing the Friends of the Library book sale building), that many people advise getting your book out there by donating it to libraries, which is problematic – library donations often just end up at book sales like that (and then sometimes in dumpsters from there); libraries have limited space and the books they keep on their shelves are curated, and so on. There is a five-post guest article on this in my archives – http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/tag/info:+library and scroll down a couple posts – by [livejournal.com profile] eseme.


Little Free Libraries have none of that, including a budget. If you had a map of their libraries in your area and a stack of your books, you could seed them throughout the area. Road trip and slide ’em in on the way. Like very map-based suburban/urban geocaching? “Oh, we’re going to be in boston, let’s check out their little free libraries while we’re there.”

…I need a book to drop off at the local LFL.

originally posted at http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/1005124.html.  

Read me! Two new anthologies out!

Dark fantasy in a rust belt noir setting. Cheerful monster hunters dealing with family problems. These two stories could not be more different – except that I wrote them both.

Another body goes missing. A cop seeks an ancient story.

It’s one thing telling your family you’re a couple. It’s another one telling them you hunt monsters.

And the supernatural creeps in to even the most mundane situations…

Read Lifeblood of the City, now in Bloodlines, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, now in Do You Feel What I Feel. I hope you enjoy them!