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A Hero of Reiassan – Patreon Story, a story of a Reiassan Hero
Kittens, a story for the Giraffe Call
Where the Stars Went Out Fae Apoc, Apoc Era

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Giraffe Call! A Prompt Call – Leave a Prompt, get a fic. Theme: Animalia

Serial Fiction
August 12-August 19 in the Faerie Apoc
Edally Academy: The Angry Aetherist Interude: In the Onadyano Tower Dorms

A Piece of My Life
Blog Hop Stop: Fiction in the Alder’s Grove
Tomato Season!

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“More than you probably want to know about canning” – tomato canning by Ranunculus
K_A_Webb Words Raffle

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August 12-August 19 in the Faerie Apocalypse

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with faeapoclive (Dreamwidth), faeapoclive (Twitter), and faeapoclive (Tumblr) as the apocalypse unfolds.


TOMAHAWK, Wisconsin; FARMVILLE, Virginia; CYPRESS, Texas(AP): What started in june in fort valley, Georgia with one man, Glen Carlson, has been spreading across the country: people creating giant five-pointed stars into their property, or, in some cases, into public land.

In Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Arlene Brady built the star, which she calls a “devil’s trap,” out of old pallet wood. In Farmville, Virginia, Lucas Gibson cut it into his wheat field. And in Fort Valley, Georgia, an entire family worked together to lay the star in white stone in their back yard.

What, exactly, the purpose of these stars is remains to be seen.

RIOTING IN ATHENS INTENSIFIES; AT LEAST SEVEN DEAD ATHENS, Greece(AP): Rioting began Friday around the Acropolis, and has only worsened since; Greece news sources are reporting at least seven dead, although the Grecian government claims “only minor injuries.” With the influx of visitors and opportunists seeking to visit the so-called “Zeus” who has taken up residence on the rebuilt Acropolis, Grecian police sought to maintain order. They declared a curfew and started forcing loiterers off the streets at dark. The tourists – and, some say, the Athenian people as well – responded with violence. Overhead photos show at least a city block on fire, and tanks in downtown Athens. Neither the Grecian police nor Zeus could be reached for a statement.


CHACO CANYON, New Mexico(AP): an enclosure nearly a mile on a side has been constructed around the historical site here at the Chetro Ketl Great Kiva.

Rumor and local witnesses say that a portal – a “glowing circle of light in the middle of the air” – was discovered here in early june, just as many of the other portals were appearing.

But the black-suited individuals, who will not reveal their affiliation, have had the place on lockdown ever since. Nobody except their people get within the perimeter, and they don’t leave, taking deliveries at the gate.

Last night, locals report seeing a series of seven “eye-searing” flashes of light come from within the enclosure.

VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, THOUGH ILLEGAL, STILL GOING THROUGH NEW YORK CITY, NY(AP): Despite there being no legal precedent for such a thing, the vote of no confidence against New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg went forth as scheduled yesterday. The votes are still being counted, but new candidates are already beginning to campaign. Foremost among those candidates is Hera sheh Rheah, whose corporation, Peacock, Inc., poured millions of dollars into the campaign to depose Mayor Bloomburg.


CROSSVILLE, TN(AP): Reports have surfaced of ghosts walking the streets in this Cumberland County city.

People across the city have called in to the radio stations, posted photos on Facebook, tweeted out about the news – the are seeing the dead walk again.

One woman, known as @cumberlandbeauty, tweeted: “Just saw my grandmother walking down the street, just where she walked every day. She’s been dead five years.”

Another man, Ronald Smith, posted photos on Facebook of what appear to be translucent Civil War soldiers walking through the cemetery.

In normal times, this would be assumed to be some sort of citywide hoax, but, as the reports keep flying in, this reporter can’t help but wonder if the dead really are walking in Cumberland.

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Giraffe Call (Prompt Call) open for one week. Theme: Animalia

I have a prompt call open here.

Leave a prompt, get a fic. Prompting is free, but donations will get you more words, and there are donation levels to get everyone more words.  

The theme is Animalia: centaurs, fawns, talking animals, people turning into animals or into furries, anthopomophic beings… anything animal/person is fair game.

The call is open for one week.

All proceeds over the $25 take-out level go to
* art from other crowdfunded artists
* Renovations on our 1879 farmhouse

The Reiassan Setting – a Welcome

Welcome to Reiassan.

The continent stretches from the northern ice to the warm southern isles, carved by glaciers into long trenchlike valleys and shoved into high ridges of mountains that act like a spine down the eastern coast of the land.

The history stretches from its first settlers, stranded here by a climate change, through an age of magic and mercenaries, to the peace of ages and the subsequent chaos. It continues on through into the nation’s steam era, with the advent of goatless carriages, airships, and the harnessing of what was once called magic, sira, into aether.

The Iron Era, when magic was high and war was a series of dirty skirmishes, is a high-fantasy setting. Warriors ride into battle on war-goats, followed by sira-flinging mages. Armor is simple, magic is wild, and nobody is certain who will win the war, the northern Calenyena or the southern Bitrani.

The Peace Era, when religion binds up magic and war is ending in a series of complicated battles, is a low-magic fantasy setting. The peace has been signed, and much of what remains is politics. Magic is done quietly and subtly, and warriors head home to their farms. The Calenyena have beaten the Bitrani, and nobody knows what will happen next.

The Steam Era, when science has taken over and magic is a distant myth, is a steampunk setting. The Calenyena are firmly in charge, and engineers and scientists, politicians and scholars, adventure where once warriors rode. The Bitrani might rebel – nobody knows – but in the meantime, the aether will flow and the steam will punk.

The Reiassan’s landing page is here.

A Week in Alder

A Few Stories
Through the Blank Plains
Robot – both in the Clockwork Apoc.
Bad Reception – in the Faerie Apoc setting.
The Daily Grind – for dailyprompt: Every day, the same ‘ol grind.

A Bit of My Life
The Hazards of Being Sick & Grown-Up
Spanish Rice (Recipe Blogpost)

My Webserials
Edally Academy: Interlude – The Dormitories
Jumping Rings: Chapter Four – Duck

Feedback Requested
A Meme! – Give me a line of a story I haven’t Written
Character Motivations – Name any character of mine

Other People: Book Launches
Toad Words by ursulav
Vinny the Armadillo Makes a Friend! by haikujaguar
Some Things Transcend and 2nd Edition Even the Wingless by haikujaguar

Other People: Prompt Calls
K Orion Fray has a Prompt Call open for fiction – the theme is revenge.
inventrix is looking for demifiction prompts for her Saeland (Invisible Dragons) setting.

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