Patreon Posts in June & July


June was a busy month for Patreon! The theme was “Love Stories”; I also did a bit of catching up on old obligations!

Stranded World
A Tangled Knot – a story of tangling (Free story)

Love Stories
Ashes and Love – a tale of enduring love
The Warlord’s Cat – like a cat loves its human (Free story)
Five Locks – forbidden love

Tír na Cali
Leaving the Land of the Free – and wanted to be a slave
Fox Hunt – with a 2-legged “fox”
Sale Price – on a slave, no returns (Free story)



July’s Patreon Theme was “More, Please;” the prompt call covered anything my $5 readers would like to see continued.

A Rescue in Kind, a story of Daxton-and-Esha continued
The Hunt Continues, a story of fox hunting in Tir na Cali continued
Down, Down, Down, more of Doug and the Basement – free for all to read!

I also posted a couple other stories on Patreon:
Last Bid, a story of a worried slave in Tir na Cali
The Queen’s Councillor, a story also of Tir na Cali and a Queen worrying her people.